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GTI Software & Networking

GTI Software & Networking is an IT distributor in Spain specialising in CLOUD Software and Solutions, and it is the first Spanish distributor to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate. Established in 1985, it provides software, hardware and value-added technology solutions to thousands of distributors in Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

GTI Software & Networking has always been at the forefront of its sector, incorporating the latest trends with the aim of providing its partners with added value. It has undergone a continuous evolution that has led it to integrate new business models based on pay-per-use (CSP), new added-value solutions and services, in Iots, Big Data and Cybersecurity, and as a result it has become one of the leading distributors in Cloud Computing Services and Solutions in Spain.

GTI Software & Networking has achieved this by partnering with the best Service Providers in the market -Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, Veritas, Kaspersky, Veeam, IBM and Redhat, among others- and by using a proprietary Cloud Services procurement platform where all the solutions can be managed globally on the cloud.


Our Added Values

Logistics value

Our advanced logistics systems, coupled with the use of technology and shipment tracking, enables us to achieve great efficiency that keeps on improving day by day.

  Commercial values

At GTI we have experienced professionals that advise distributors and systems integrators before, through and after the sales process.


GTI´s specialists create marketing campaigns targeted at the IT Distribution Channel. Thanks to GTIs comprehensive contact database, they can reach most players in the industry.


GTI´s website contains exclusive information to help the distributors and system integrators take full advantage of market opportunities through videos, tutorials, articles, etc... In addition, it offers the best deals and it facilitates the management of orders and invoices.

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Software for enterprises

GTI Software & Networking offers the largest Enterprise Software catalogue in the market, which includes any type of Software an IT business might need, such as Productivity, Security, and Utility solutions, among others.

Hardware Distributor

In the GTI Software & Networking Hardware catalogue, you can find any hardware product a company may need, including: computers, laptops, monitors and desktop as well as a variety os electronic accessories such as computer mice, keyboards, scanners, flash memory cards, USB memory card, hard drives, routers among others.

Cloud Computing

Enterprise Productivity Tools that surpass location boundaries and that can be accessed from any device. GTI offers a wide range of Cloud Computing solutions such as Productivity tools, IT Security solutions, design and creativity suites, corporate social networks, email security, Office in the cloud, security for mobile devices or web pages, cloud storage, programs for video calls among others.

Neovalia value added division

Neovalia is the added value division of GTI Software & Networking. Highly specialized, it offers formal training for manufacturers, complex solutions (high-end Security, Virtualization, etc.) and a long list of business services.

Passion for quality since 1985

Passion for quality since 1985

GTI Software & Networking is focused in providing the highest quality standards to its customers, and it´s committed to maintain and improve the quality of its customer service. .

GTI adds value to the IT Channel by offering an extensive portfolio of technology products, first class solutions and additional premium services that help distributors and system integrators improve their businesses. GTI caters for the needs of different channel segments: Distributors, System Integrators, and Retailers (including etailers). Many world-class vendors rely on GTI as their partner, as it is a benchmark Distributor, specially now the Software distribution model is changing as a result of Cloud Computing.

Leadership in growth and innovation within the IT market in the most efficient way for the distribution channel.

Contributing to the deployment of the technology in the society, by means of a qualified and specialized professional team that provides support to the information techcnology distribution channel.

• Adaptability: We are agile and we show flexibility to adapt market changes
• Involvement: We actively participate in the Company mission
• Customer Orientation: Our priority is to identify and satisfy our customers needs
• Continuity and Projection: We work everyday with continuity and business progress in mind
• Integrity: We fullfill our promises and do our best effort to keep transparency in our business
• Colaboration: We work as a team for the common good

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